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Outsourcing is the latest trend in today's business world, going outside your own organization to obtain specialized services of various kinds. This process links growing businesses to a range of state-of-the-art services and resources.

From defining your corporate culture and how to effectively communicate it, through staffing needs assessment, creative recruitment in a tight job market, designing and communicating performance expectations, evaluating performance, addressing disciplinary issues, preserving regulatory compliance, maintaining effective and legal personnel records, retaining and rewarding employee performance, enhancing employee relations and any other issues dealing with your personnel and infrastructure, Outsourcing Solutions has the answer for you.

What do we outsource?
Internet Services (WEB page and others)
IT Management Services
Internal Control Services
Promotion and Packaging Services
Warehouse - Logistics Personnel
Payroll and Office Accounting
Hygienic Cleaning and Maintenance
Temporary Labour - Personnel Services


Temporary traumatic wound treatment

Don’t fall down without it!

Removal of the Blist-O-Ban® Bandage